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Best Trees to Plant in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County

Native trees are resistant to native disease and harmful insects that are common in the area, making them a thriving choice to provide beauty to your landscape while also providing a habitat for pollinators and other wildlife in Pittsburgh and across Allegheny County.

From flowering dogwoods to red maples, there are a wide range of trees native to the area that produce beautiful flowers and bright fall foliage that can bring color and beauty to your landscape.

How to Choose the Right Native Tree to Meet Your Needs

Before you can begin planting, you need to decide what you want the tree to provide to you and your property. Trees can be used on your property to provide:

  • Shade. If you are looking for shade, great native species include leafy trees with horizontal branch patterns such as the northern red oak or tulip tree.
  • Windbreak/Privacy. Eastern white pines are a great option for this application because they retain their foliage all year round.
  • Floral beauty. The flowering dogwood, eastern redbud, and scarlet hawthorn all feature showy flowers that are great for adding floral beauty to your property.
  • Fall foliage. Native trees like the sassafras, pin oak, or red maple are great options for colorful fall foliage.
  • Fruit. Dwarf or semi-dwarf peach, plum, apple, and cherry trees are all great options for the area if you are looking for a tree that bears fruit and looks beautiful as well.

What You Need to Know About Planting Trees in the Pittsburgh Area

A major factor to remember when planting a tree in your yard is to make Tree planting pittsbrughsure you are planting it in the right location. All trees have specific requirements for sunlight, moisture, and soil type. Before you begin planting it is important to evaluate the area you would like to plant on and determine its relation to the sun.

The type of a soil can have a major effect on how well the tree thrives. Consider having your soil tested to determine the type, fertility, and pH of your soil and to get recommendations on how to improve the soil condition if needed. Most native trees will thrive in a soil with an acidic pH, under 7.

You will also want to check to see if the soil is compacted or has poor drainage. If digging through the soil is difficult, this means the roots of the tree will have a difficult time pushing through the soil as well.

Obstacles to Watch Out for When Planting Trees

Before you begin digging, you should call the Pennsylvania One Call System by dialing 8-1-1.This free service will send someone out to make the underground utilities and services lines, so you can avoid them when digging. Other factors to consider when choosing the location of your tree include:

  • Utility clearance
  • Overhead space restrictions
  • Amount of nearby pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • The proximity of impervious surfaces, like your home’s foundation

Carefully choose where you want to plant your tree to ensure it is planted in a safe area where it can thrive while providing you with the benefits you desire.  You can find native tree species at local nurseries or through the Internet and mail-order services. Contact 20/20 Landscaping today to learn more about our tree services and how we can help keep your landscaping looking its best!