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Can My Neighbor Make Me Trim or Remove My Trees?

While you may enjoy the beauty and shade the tree on your property provide, your neighbor may dislike it. With tall trees that can block a view or branches that inch over property lines, figuring out how to handle trees that affect multiple properties can be difficult.

If your neighbor has a problem with your trees and wants them trimmed, can they trim or remove a tree from your property? At 20/20 Landscaping, we put together an overview of the rules regarding neighbors and trees.

Removing or Trimming a Tree: What are Your Rights?

When it comes to dealing with a tree on a neighbor’s property, it is best to work toward a solution that will make everyone happy. Talk to your neighbor to find the best course of action to resolve the issue. If you prefer to know your facts before speaking with your neighbor, here is what you need to know:

Can my neighbor force me to trim my trees or cut them down?

If the trunk of the tree sits solely on your property, then you oversee what happens to that tree and have final say in any decisions made regarding it. If the tree is not impeding on your neighbor’s property or posing harm, then they cannot force you to trim or remove the tree from your property.

However, if the tree poses a threat to the safety of your neighbor or their property, you may be held liable if you do not remove a dangerous tree and it ends up causing damage. It is important to regularly inspect your tree to ensure it is stable and healthy. If you think your neighbor’s tree poses a threat to your property, be sure to check with your local government to see what action you can take.

Can I cut down or trim a tree located on someone else’s property?

No. Neither you nor your arborist can cross property lines to trim or cut down a tree. If you or your arborist do go onto your neighbor’s property or damage the tree in any way, it is possible that you could be held liable for double or triple the value of the tree.

If the trunk of the tree sits entirely on your neighbor’s property, they are the sole owner of that tree. When a tree is on someone else’s property, you should not go on their property to trim or cut down the tree because you may suffer legal and financial consequences.

Can I trim the tree branches that hang over onto my property?

In any case, it is best to check the laws for your area regarding cutting down or trimming your neighbor’s trees, but most state and local laws do permit you to prune the parts of a neighbor’s tree that cross your property without needing permission from your neighbor. Keep in mind, you can only prune up to the property, and you must stay on your property. If the pruning destroys or harms the tree, you could be held liable for the damage.

How do you handle a tree that is on the property line?

In the vent that the tree trunk sits on both sides of the property line, then the tree is owned by you and your neighbor. This means that both of you are responsible for the tree and both of you will need to consent before the tree being trimmed or removed. These laws can vary, so it is essential to see what the rules are for your area.

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*The information above is not intended to constitute legal advice. You should consult your applicable state and local laws or speak with an attorney before you act on the information above. 20/20 Landscaping disclaims all liability for actions taken or not taken based on the information above.