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Does cutting of dead branches help a tree?

Last updated on March 22nd, 2018 at 03:02 pm

Grooming does the body, and tree, good.  Aside from your looks, routine grooming is actually healthy for your hair. As your hair ages, it becomes weaker, so give it a trim for healthier hair. Your trees operate rather similarly. Its branches age over time and will have a definite need for pruning. If you want a healthy tree, enlist the help of an arborist. An arborist knows what is best for your tree and an arborist says you should prune regularly, but why?

Here are three great reasons why you should regularly prune your trees:

1.      Tree health

Tree PruningPruning your tree to maintain and improve its health is very important, especially when it is young. A couple of years after planting, an arborist can train your tree’s branch growth to ensure proper growth and a sturdy frame.

If your tree has already matured, there is still much that can be done. An arborist can thin its canopy to allow sun and air filter through properly. A mature tree generally has many branches competing for the same limited resources. When you trim back, you will spur fuller growth.

2.      Safety

A mature tree will have many branches that are “dead wood”. They are just along for the ride and the ride will eventually be to the ground, or on your car, on you, or on power lines. Further, during a heavy storm, large weak branches can come crashing into your home. Millions of dollars in property damage accumulate each year in the United States. Investing in your trees will protect you and your wallet.

3.      Beauty and Harvest

When an arborist gets his or her hands on your tree, they are practicing their passion. It is their goal to bring your tree’s beauty to the surface. Not only will you have a beautiful tree, but a well manicured tree can even increase your home’s value. If it is a fruit tree you want tended to, pruning will only increase your crop. Pruning will allow your fruit tree to bear bigger fruit, more fruit, and consistent fruit.


A common response is the homeowner does not want mini-trees growing out, all over their tree. If done properly, sprouts will not emerge. An arborist knows how to prevent the branches from growing back and will also prevent decay or infection.

Do what’s best for your tree and give them a good trim!