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Get Firewood Delivered to Your Door

As many native Pittsburghers already know, this area is well-known for snowy, bitterly cold winters. If you plan to wait out the winter cold in front of your wood-burning fireplace, it is essential to make sure you have enough wood stocked up to last you for the winter.

Stocking wood for the fireplace can be a time-consuming chore that many do not have the time for and with Pittsburgh winters sometimes lasting until March or April, preparation is key to keeping your home warm. To help keep you prepared for the winter hassle-free, 20/20 Landscaping offers firewood delivery services to keep you warm throughout the winter.

Reliable Firewood Delivery Services

Shopping for and stocking firewood can be a difficult and expensive task. Get Firewood Delivered to Your DoorMany stores sell synthetic logs that are guaranteed to burn, but their cost can add up considerably over time when compared to the price of real wood. Additionally, the small bundles sold in stores will only last you’re a few hours in the evening, so even if these bundles are inexpensive, the amount you’ll need to sustain your home’s temperature will lead to a larger expensive.

With our firewood delivery service, you can avoid the hassle of shopping for and hauling your firewood while also saving yourself precious tie and money. When you are buying bundles of wood from the store, It is difficult to determine the quality of the wood you are purchasing. If you aren’t burning the right wood, not only will it be difficult to get a good fire going, but you risk burning wood that isn’t clean or safe for your home.

At 20/20 Landscaping, we will ensure the wood is seasoned and dried correctly so that it burns clean and is safer for your home. We can provide you with the right wood to ensure you have the perfect fire to keep you warm all season at an affordable cost.

Properly Seasoned and Sized Firewood

When you utilize 20/20 Landscaping’s firewood delivery service, not only do you get the right type of wood that has been appropriately dried and seasoned, but you also get wood that has already been chopped. No need for the labor-intensive task of chopping wood, 20/20 Landscaping has got you covered!

With our reliable delivery service, you don’t have to worry about running out of wood or hassling with making trips to the store to purchase more bundles of wood.  When you choose to use our firewood delivery service, we will work with you to arrange a time for delivery that works best with your schedule, bringing a supply of wood to your door that is chopped and ready to burn!

At 20/20 Landscaping, we understand how important it is for you to have an adequate supply of firewood that is delivered on time throughout the winter season.  You can count on our team of reliable professionals to deliver you the best bulk firewood on schedule. Our expert staff is reliable and professional providing you with firewood that is clean, dry and appropriately sized, to ensure you stay warm this winter.

Don’t be left in the old this winter! Contact 20/20 Landscaping today to schedule your firewood delivery so that you are prepared for the next cold night in Pittsburgh.