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Land Rehabilitation

Last updated on July 10th, 2017 at 08:56 am

When a new pipeline is installed, or a natural disaster occurs, it can wreak havoc on the land in the area. Land Rehabilitation is the process of returning the affected land to some degree of its former state. Many projects can affect the land surrounding it, resulting in its degradation, including:
Land Rehabilitation

  • Mining
  • Farming
  • Forestry
  • Utility maintenance and/or installations
  • Oil and gas pipeline installations

When land has been disturbed from any of these, it not only affects the immediate area but the area around it, not only in appearance but in the local ecosystem as well as property values. The experts at 20/20 Landscaping provide Land Rehabilitation Services in order to restore the land as much as possible, in order to minimize the disturbance to the area.

With the oil and gas industry growing throughout Western Pennsylvania, there are a number of pipeline projects across the eastern half of the state. The oil and gas industry, as well as state organizations, have set up guidelines regarding the restoration of the land following an installation project. 20/20 Landscaping has over a decade of experience in beautifying properties across Pittsburgh and the surrounding area and has the knowledge and the equipment to see that the area regains as much of its natural beauty as possible.

The exact scope and extent of Land Rehabilitation Services depends on a number of factors, such as the area of land involved, timeframe, and budget. Our team of professionals will assess each job and provide expert services to ensure that the project is completed to satisfaction, on time and on budget.

With a commitment to providing excellent service to customers across the Greater Pittsburgh area, trust the experts at 20/20 Landscaping to deliver the Land Rehabilitation Services you need, with the results that you deserve. With a team of dedicated professionals, 20/20 Landscaping approaches each job with a unique vision and an attention to detail that produces the desired result.