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Structural Pruning- How Can I Tell if My Tree is a Candidate?

Last updated on September 26th, 2018 at 09:43 am

Structural pruning is an important part of maintaining not only the look and health of your tree but also the safety of the people and property that are in the vicinity of your trees, especially in an urban landscape.

When structural defects begin to show in a tree, it is important to have the tree pruned to prevent these defects from worsening as the tree continues to mature. These defects can cause a breakdown in part of or in the entire tree, which can lead to falling limbs or fallen trees that can pose a danger to people and cause damage to property.

How to identify dangerous tree defects

When determining whether or not you need to have your tree pruned, it is important to take the time to inspect your tree for defects that need to be corrected. During your inspection of the tree, it is important to look for imperfections such as:

  • Co-dominate stems – This is when two or more main stems of similar diameter grow from the same location on the central trunk of the tree. This defect can cause the jointed stems of the tree to weaken and fall, especially during inclement weather, which can, in turn, ruin the tree’s appearance and possibly shorten its lifespan.
  • Included bark– This occurs when the bark becomes trapped between the Tree Pruningtree trunk and the branch. This causes a weak attachment of the branch to the trunk which can result in limb breakage.
  • Unbalanced crown structure- This occurs when there are branches concentrated on one side of the tree. With the weight being distributed unevenly, it increases the risk of the tree falling over.

You also want to look for large branches crowding the top of the tree, branches that have grown larger than about half of the diameter of the trunk, and clusters of branches that could also require pruning to support tree health and safety near buildings and walkways.

Selecting the right tree service for your pruning needs

When done correctly, structural pruning can encourage strong and steady growth in young trees, allowing them to thrive and grow safely as they mature and can also give mature trees a pleasing appearance while maintaining their stability. When pruning is done incorrectly, it can negatively affect the lifespan and architecture of the tree which is why it is important to find a structural pruning expert to complete the job.

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