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When Should I Remove a Tree from My Property?

From blocking out sunlight and reducing glare to absorbing carbon n dioxide and creating a habitat for birds and other animals, trees provide a wide range of benefits when planted around your property. Although they provide many benefits, trees eventually age and become too old and structurally unsound to remain on your property.

Below are a few ways you can determine if your tree is at risk for falling or losing branches and needs to be removed:

Examine the Tree for Leaning

Get to a place where you can view the entire tree. Once you have the entire tree in sight, check carefully for any signs of leaning. leaning can indicate the tree is dead or dying, putting it at risk for falling over.  Although trees can lean naturally, if you are unsure if the tree has always had a lean or if it may be a new occurrence, it is important to contact the experts at 20/20 Landscaping to have the tree thoroughly examined.

Inspect the base of the Tree

the tree’s roots can be a good indicator of how good or bad the health of the tree is, so it important to inspect the base visible decay or damage to the roots. Since the roots are a major part of a tree’s structural support, decay or damage could mean the tree is lacking support and is at risk for falling. Other things to look or are space between the tree and the ground, which could indicate the tree is leaning.

Inspect the Tree’s Trunk

Any cracks or cavities in the trunk of the tree could mean the tree is no longer structurally sound. A cavity doesn’t mean the tree needs to be removed, but it should be inspected by an expert arborist to determine how extensive the cavity is. Other indicators of poor tree health include large pieces of missing bark.

Check the Health of the Tree’s Canopy

Another way to determine if your tree is at-risk for falling or losing branches is to inspect the canopy. This process can be very dangerous and should be performed by a professional who has the proper equipment to complete the job safely.

During an inspection of the canopy, you will be able to find the most dangerous and difficult to spot branches on a tree. There may be no sign that a branch is dead or damaged from the ground view until a break occurs. Branches with dead leaves and missing bark are an indication that Pittsburgh Emergency Tree Removalthe tree is no longer supporting the branch.

Professional Tree Removal Services

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to contact a professional to have your tree inspected and removed if needed. Before a tree becomes a danger to your family or damages your property, it is important to contact the experts at 20/20 Landscaping to have the tree removed safely and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our expert tree removal services or to schedule your tree removal!